The Cheese

Charloe - 2013 American Cheese Society winner , 2012 & 2014 Good Food Award Winner

        Type: Washed Rind (Recipe developed at Canal Junction)

 Aged: 2 months

 Connoisseur's Description: Charloe starts off with sweet cream and butter flavors and finishes with a toasted peanut essence (no peanuts used in production). As it continues to age, the flavors become more pronounced and bolder.

Layman's Description: Charloe is a beautiful washed rind cheese with an orange hued rind. It has a smooth, creamy texture and tangy taste.

Wheel Size: Whole wheels weigh about 4 pounds.

Uses: A bold and wonderful addition to any cheese plate or sandwich, melts well, excellent with fruit.

Pairings: Stout Beer, Crisp White Wine, Cider

Named for the little, near-by town of Charloe. This town was a boom town during the canal era. It was also home to the Charloe Indians and housed Paulding County's first court house. Today it's just a crossroads with a park, ice-cream stand, and gas station.


Wabash Erie Canal

Type patterned after: Gruyere/Comte

Aged: 4-6 months

Connoisseur's Description: Wabash Erie Canal is smooth and nutty with a complex finish.

Layman's Description: Wabash Erie Canal

Wheel Size: Whole wheels weigh about 10 pounds

Uses: Instead of Parmesan, use Wabash as a grated topper for pasta dishes. Wabash is also great addition to a fondue pot, on a cheese plate, or in a salad. Wabash also showcases it's flavor in scalloped potatoes.

Pairings: Stout Beer, Pale Ale, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir

Wabash Erie Canal is the name of the canal that runs East and West and intersects the North/South Miami Erie Canal in the town of Junction, just a couple of miles North of the farm. These two canals were in their prime usage during the 1850s.


Flat Rock

Type patterned after: Abondance (a French mountain cheese)

        Aged: 4-6 months

        Connoisseur's Description: Flat Rock is a semi-hard cheese that has a velvety texture 
        and a mix of sweet and nutty flavors.

        Layman's Description:

        Wheel Size: Whole wheels weigh about 10 pounds.

        Uses: Flat Rock pairs well with fresh fruits, mixed with other cheeses in fondue, on a       sandwich, or on a cheese plate.

         Pairings: Stout Beer, Pale Ale, Merlot, Riesling, Cider

The Flat Rock Creek runs just South of the farm. This quiet creek flows into the Auglaize River, which meets the Maumee River in Defiance, which flows north to Lake Erie, and is the namesake for this cheese.


Black Swamp Gouda

Type patterned after: Gouda

Aged: 2-4 months

Connoisseur's Description: Black Swamp Gouda is a buttery and smooth cheese.

Layman's Description:

Wheel Size: Whole wheels weigh around 10 pounds

Uses: Sandwiches, salad, cheese plates, potatoes, macaroni and cheese.

Pairings: Lagers, Pale Ale, IPA, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cider

The Great Black Swamp covered Northwest Ohio until it's draining in the latter part of the 19th century. What was once swamp land is now fertile farm ground, but is still prone to holding water and needs the assistance of ditches and drainage tiles.


 mmBossie Cheddar

Type patterned after: Mild Cheddar

Aged: 60 days

Connoisseur's Description: A mild, creamy, farmhouse cheddar.

Layman's Description: A good beginner's cheese. Does not have an overly active flavor profile, but is far ahead of deli cheese.

Wheel Size: Aged in half wheels, around 10 pounds

Uses: Perfect for snacking, on a sandwich, with tacos, or mixed in scrambled eggs.

Pairings: Chardonnay, Pinot Blac, Pinot Gris, Pilsner

The call, "mmboss, mmboss", brings the cows into the barn when it is time for milking.