Ralph Schlatter (Lead Cheesemaker)

Ralph is the owner and 5th generation on the family farm. Growing up on the farm, he has lived here for all but 16 years, when he was just a mile away. He has seen the farm come full circle in its practices. As a child, he can remember milking cows and the milk truck driver picking the milk up in cans. As time went on, the farm's focus turned to row crop farming and milking registered Holsteins. After some years he realized that conventional farming was no longer a sustainable option for him and slowly started to learn about the methods of grass farming. Now Ralph is changing roles from farmer to cheesemaker. He has gained some hands on experience and is studying Farmstead Cheesemaking and working closely with his consultant. He is excited to embark on this new venture.

Sheila Schlatter (Assistant Cheesemaker/Customer Relations)

Sheila is the co-owner and CFO of operations. She also has a lifetime history of dairy farming as she grew up on her family farm in Rittman, Ohio. After she and Ralph were married she became involved in the Schlatter farm as well. From the early years of helping with milking and raising children to later working part time as a nurse, she brings many life experiences to the business. Sheila is looking forward to assisting Ralph with the cheese production and managing customer relations.

Renae Schlatter (Public Relations)

Renae is the 6th generation on the family farm. She has grown up being involved in nearly every aspect of the farm. Renae manages the correspondence and social media aspect of the business. She is passionate about providing high quality products to the best customers a business could ask for!