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Posted 3/20/2014 3:17pm by Renae Schlatter.

Northwest Ohio has shown us a spectacular Winter and hard as it is to believe, today marks the first day of Spring. Spring brings thoughts of green grass, new growth, calving season, and a flush of milk for making cheese.

If I were to put one word at the top of 2014 it would be change. Our business is going through a period of change and transition. Brian has chosen to leave and pursue other opportunities. Right now he is awaiting word on his Visa as he plans to spend a year in Ireland working on the Gubbeen Farm. We were faced with several decisions and have decided to keep the business going and Ralph and Sheila are going to take over the cheese production and customer relations. 

We have done some thinking and planning and this year we hope to focus on producing our four most popular cheeses: Charloe, Flat Rock, Black Swamp Gouda, and mmBossie Cheddar. The winter months involve little to no cheese production so we are looking forward to Spring, when the pastures are suitable to send the cows back out which will bring an increase in milk production.

We calve about 2/3 of our herd in the Spring and 1/3 in the Fall. We have just begun our calving season for this year and have had 5 calves so far. We hope to have around 40 calves this spring.

You will be hearing mostly from me, Renae, as I will be taking over the web site maintenance and social media interaction. I would welcome any comments or suggestions.

Enjoy the rest of this first day of Spring!